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imGoats project: Learning and reflection workshop

#imGoats project: Learning and reflection workshop-Udaipur, India, 2-6 July 2012#National Platform Meeting on Land and Water Management in Ethiopia-Udaipur, India, 2-6 July 2012Udaipur, India, 2-6 July 2012

Developing work plans for publications and other work

The template to be used is: File:Action plan IM Goats July 2012.ppt

Action plan India

File:Action plan IM Goats July 2012-India.ppt

Q&A and remarks


  • You want to address finding ways to give feedback to producers. But what about input and service providers and post-production actors -- there doesn't seem to be anything for them. Why is this? Answer: some materials being developed e.g. posters and leaflets cut across several actors so these other groups will be catered for.
  • When you refer to other organizations, does this mean enabling agencies? YES


  • Clear, short presentation focusing on products mostly. But would also be good to have some success stories featuring for example, women farmers, to share with donors to showcase what the project did for the farmers. I suggest adding this to the list of many products you plan for.
  • Also like the idea of a workshop in India to share the results. Timing may need to be worked out. There are some ideas here we may add to the Mozambique plan.
  • Some concern that some people like Nikhilesh and Ramkumar are mentioned several times. Need to focus on the things that we want to do and know that we can do. But do not be shy of asking for help from communication people -- they can repackage any technical information you have so if you need to hire someone e.g. for translation, there are funds for that.


  • Need some explicit attention to gender in the products being made -- guidelines, modules.
  • We also need to look internally in our organization to see how CARE and BAIF can benefit from imGoats; what might stimulate others to take up the lessons we have learned.


  • Five stories... are these from each team or entire country. Answer: Mainly on practices and OM.
  • What type of support from ILRI? Answer: Mainly need technical support
  • IP process document: what will go into this? You could build on this so as to document how you developed your IP.

Additional comments re: IP process documentation Birgit: The IP process leaflet... with whom will this be shared? Is it possible for the Mozambique team to have the English version for possible translation into Portuguese? Saskia: Since this is a product that both countries are interested in developing, a better approach would be to develop one jointly then translate it from English into Hindi and Portuguese

Action plan Mozambique

File:Action plan IM Goats July 2012_MOZ.ppt

Q&A and remarks

ANN Linking with district authorities (SDAE) relates well to Outcome Mapping re: filling the gaps in the progress markers.


  • Re: producing a brochure on IP, there is a presentation that was developed by the Fodder Innovation Project that explains well the value of IPs, would be good to have a look at this product. Presentation is available on Slideshare; Ewen will upload the link on this wiki.
  • To what extent are the various activities an outcome of the innovation platform or something else? Answer: May not be able to separate these, for instance, the goat fairs would still have taken place even without an IP. But we are focusing our IP activities on the IP meetings which are recorded in the IP reports. [this is more under the global plan]


  1. Seems like you have too many plans given just 6 months; is this achievable?
  2. Exchange visits are important but is there sufficient diversity between farmer groups so that the visits would be beneficial?
  3. What are the cost implications of producing the radio program?
  4. What is your plan in terms of facilitation? Will you train farmer groups in facilitating IP?


  1. Yes, it's an ambitious action plan but we will share it with CARE colleagues to see what is really feasible
  2. Yes, there is enough difference between producer groups so there is a learning opportunity
  3. A community radio station will disseminate the information; it covers the entire district so will be free. They are actually happy to be approached with information to air. Also, there is an in-house connection as the CARE info officer is a reporter at the radio station.
  4. Yes we will train paravets. We are working with the President of the IP to train him on meeting facilitation and taking notes.

SASKIA (comment): We have previously produced manuals on animal health so we have prior experience on what approach is needed so it won't be too difficult.

EWEN (comment): re: updating the website, this is a broad area. We need to identify specific story ideas base on the various activities that are going on. Others can contribute by keeping Tezira updated with what is happening so that we can update the website together not just posts by Tezira alone.

Action plan 'global team'

File:Action plan IM Goats July 2012 - Global.ppt

Q&A and remarks


  • This is not too different from what was discussed in February. Seems a bit ambitious to have final drafts by end December considering all the other work that needs to be done. Is OK to have at least one paper from each country.
  • On the issue of partnerships, my name has been indicated but the key contact persons would ideally be from ILRI P&C Unit (Shirley or Liz) but Saskia would be happy to be the point person for project-related info.
  • Will follow up with IFAD about the Technical Advisory Notes for clearer guidance on the requirements but we know that these must be submitted before the end of the project.

ANN We discussed the feasibility of timing by end of year but Kees had concerns that people would get involved in other issues thus the need to prioritise things to set the process in motion.

KEES If we don't get a no-cost extension for the project, there will be no staff time allocation to imGoats hence the reason why we set the deadline for end December 2012 to write up the research outputs.

SASKIA We could add an output on gender. We could organize a week-long write shop of a smaller ILRI team to put this together.