Learning-workshop participants

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imGoats project: Learning and reflection workshop

#National Platform Meeting on Land and Water Management in Ethiopia-Udaipur, India, 2-6 July 2012Udaipur, India, 2-6 July 2012

List of participants as of May 2nd 2012

Name Last name M/F Organization Country Function Email
1 Amosse Maheme Male CARE Mozambique Project Officer [amosse@carevila.org.mz]
2 Roberto Cassiano Male CARE Mozambique Deputy Project manager [roberto@carevila.org.mz]
3 Avinash Deo Male BAIF India Overall Project Coordinator, BAIF-Pune [avinashddeo@rediffmail.com]
4 Nikhilesh Modi Male RRIDMA India Project Manager, Udaipur, Rajasthan
5 Rasikbhai Patel Male RRIDMA India Project Officer, Jhadol
6 Rathore B. G Male RRIDMA India Project Advisor, Udaipur
7 Navneet Male BIRVA India Project Manager, Ranchi, Jharkhand
8 Rajeev Male BIRVA India Project Officer, Dumka, Jharkhand
9 Satyavan Singh Male BIRVA India Programme coordinator (in-charge- BAIF-Dumka office)
10 Kees Swaans Male ILRI Ethiopia Research lead imGoats [k.swaans@cgiar.org]
11 Hailemichael Taye Male ILRI Ethiopia Research assistant imGoats [h.taye@cgiar.org]
12 Birgit Boogaard Female ILRI Mozambique Post-doctoral fellow [b.boogaard@cgiar.org]
13 Ramkumar Bendapudi Male ILRI India Post-doctoral fellow - India coordinator [r.bendapudi@cgiar.org]
14 Saskia Hendrickx Female ILRI Mozambique Project coordinator [s.hendrickx@cgiar.org]
1 Ewen Le Borgne Male ILRI Ethiopia KMIS expert [E.LeBorgne@cgiar.org]
2 Tezira Lore Female ILRI Kenya Communication specialist Markets, Gender and Livelihoods Theme [t.lore@cgiar.org]
3 Ann Braun Female New Zealand OM expert [abraunw@gmail.com]
4 Kara Brown Female ILRI India Support Comms team [kara.brown@live.co.uk ]