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imGoats project: Learning and reflection workshop

Udaipur, India, 2-6 July 2012

The workshop resulted in the following outputs

Applying the theory of Outcome Mapping in the field: Reflections from the imGoats project in Mozambique The imGoats project reflects on use of Outcome Mapping and innovation platforms to improve goat value chains Outcome Mapping and innovation platforms in the imGoats project: Reflections from India Outcome Mapping and innovation platforms in the imGoats project: Reflections from Mozambique Outcome Mapping helps define and discover pathways to change – Ann Braun imGoats project draws on communication support to maximize impacts Innovation platforms: Documenting experiences from the imGoats project and beyond Goat husbandry a source of livelihoods for weaker sections of society – N.G. Hegde

GroupPhoto-imGoatsLearningWorkshop.JPG Objectives

  • Share project progress and approaches across the two countries to distill learning on processes and outcomes thus far.
  • Identify potential communication products and develop a strategy around these.

Expected outputs

  • Set of lessons learned about using Innovation Platforms as a mechanism for enhancing collaboration and coordination amongst value chain actors in value chain development projects.
  • Set of lessons learned on use of Outcome Mapping in projects with similar objectives where behavioural change is targeted.
  • Lessons learned and recommendations for future collaboration research and development organizations.


List of participants